About KCPB

Welcome To The Greatest Fraternal Organization In The World
Western chauvinists that welcome all races, religions, and sexual preferences. The WEST is the BEST.

KCPB stand for showing men how to be accountable and responsible for their own lives.  Also, how to be strong, provide for and protect their family.  Showing men they have nothing to apologize for.  We stand for freedom of speech and we protect those who exercise that freedom.  We know how to have fun and enjoy this awesome country and the opportunity it provides.  We stand for the military and for our police and those who sacrifice to help make this country safe.  We also work with and provide support for charities in KCMO metro.  UHURU

More info on the Proud Boys

Our group is and will always be MEN ONLY! If you are a woman and you would like to be involved, there is a girls group. They call themselves Proud Boys’ Girls and they’re our second-biggest demographic. It may seem counter-intuitive that a men-only group would have such a big female following, but nobody wants men to be men more than the women who depend on them. “Proud Boys saved my marriage,” says PBG Gabriela Finch. “I was completely done with it, but he won me back and fought hard for it.” This group is full of all kinds of women. Wives, girlfriends and single girls are all welcome. Just like the mens group, the girls have no other requirements about race, religion or sexual preference.

The fact that this group has exploded so quickly is a testament to how completely finished young American men and women are with apology culture. Men have tried being ashamed of themselves and accepting blame for slavery, the wage gap, ableism, and some gay-bashing that went on two generations ago, but it didn’t work. So they’re going with their gut and indulging in the natural pride that comes from being part of the greatest culture in the world. It’s very freeing to finally admit the West is the best. That’s because it’s the truth.

So you want to join the Proud Boys?

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